Updating Detailed Instructions on How to Authenticate Your Ola City Account


Recently at the end of 2020, Ola City has updated a new way of authenticating user information (KYC - Know Your Customer).​

KYC - Know Your Customer​
KYC (Know Your Customer) means Know your customer; The process to identify and verify a client's identity when participating in opening an account.​

I. What is KYC?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is the process to identify and verify a member's identity when participating in opening an account.
In other words, Ola City must ensure that our members are actually using the official account and make sure the member is real. These procedures help prevent fraud.

With the "official" account, when there is an incident, Ola City helps users to better protect their account; ensure the safety of transactions for members as well as improve the quality of the community, increase the value of campaigns, tasks, and advertising as well as ensure fairness for all participants.​

II. Instructions for authentication of Ola City accounts

You can authenticate your account and use your account in 3 simple steps:​
1. Update personal information

2. Take photo of ID card / Citizen card / Passport

3. Take a photo of your portrait with your ID / CCCD and a slip of Ola City + KYC date

In compliance with Ola City's regulations, to be able to successfully authenticate, members need to provide accurate and accurate information and documents that match the correct account holder. We will not be able to verify your account if the information you provide is incorrect.​

II. Identity verification process

Step 1: Sign in to your Ola City account, select Settings → select KYC Authentication.​

Step 2: Update full personal information:
  • Last name: Example (Tran)​
  • Name and Middle Name: Example (Thi Thanh A) (please provide your full name)​
  • Date of birth:​
  • Sex:​
  • ID / CCCD / Passport number:​
  • Date of issue of ID card / CCCD / Passport:​
  • Email:​
  • Phone number:​
  • Nation:​
  • State (if applicable):​
  • City:​
  • Zip Code: Please refer to Zip Code​
  • Address 1: permanent address (please provide your address)​
  • Address 2: temporary address​
Step 3: After filling in your personal information, choose to continue and proceed to Download authentication information.

To avoid a delay in verification, please double-check that the below requirements are fully met:​
  • Provide verification documents that match the information provided in Section 1. (If in Item 1 you enter ID number, please upload ID picture or similar in Item 2).​
  • The selected credentials cannot be expired.​
  • Authenticated documents should be in good condition and clearly show content.​
  • Photos are clear, not bright, not blurred, blurry, or partially obscuring information.​
  • The file should be at least 2 MB in size and have a resolution of at least 300 dpi.​

III. Photo information to provide includes the following two pieces of information

  • Upload photo ID / CCCD / Passport
For example: If item 1 you enter information is ID number, item 2 please upload an ID photo or similar.

+ For ID / CCCD, upload photos with the front and back.​



+ For the passport, please upload photos as follows:
  • Upload your selfie with your ID / CCCD and a slip of Ola City + KYC date (See sample next).
+ For ID card / CCCD​

+ For Passport
After completing the download of credentials, please check the box below (as shown below) and select Complete.

  • Persons under the age of 15 can have an account verified but must be verified by a parent or legal guardian. These cases will email [email protected] information for review and account approval.​
So you have just completed the extremely simple account verification steps, right?
Ola City Team
Ola City Global
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