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Short URL/Link - Share to Social Media, Websites, Blog & Earn Passive Income

Cute2win is an URL shortener that rewards the owners of shrinked links by offering a share of advertising revenue.

You can earn money through Cute2win by placing shrinked links on your website, blog, Social Media account, Youtube, etc. When a visitor clicks on one of your Cute2win links, they will view a full page advertisement for 10 seconds before being able to continue to their intended destination.

You will be paid for every person that clicks on your Cute2win links and continues to the destination link, so to maximize your income you need to give your links maximum exposure. If you already own a website or blog, you can shrink any URLs that are on your website and replace them with Cute2win links. When your website visitors click on any of your links, your Cute2win account balance will be credited.

If you do not have your own website, you can share your links (without spamming) on other traffic sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Forums. Use your imagination and get paid by us for your visitors.

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1) Free - Lifetime

2) Primary - 30$/Month - 250$/Year

3) Professional - 60$/Month - 500$/ Year

If you have any questions please feel free to contact email us - [email protected]


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