Ola City Launches Publisher Policy


I. General introduction

After 1 year of official launch from August 2020, Ola City has received many contributions as well as positive feedback from more than 1 million publishers globally.

From August 6, 2021, Ola City officially applied the Publisher Policy to meet the legal compliance of key market countries such as: India, UAE, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, etc.

II. Publishers’ benefits under the new policy
  • Ola City publishers will be rewarded with commissions when performing tasks such as: viewing websites, downloading applications, setting up accounts, shopping cashback, sharing sales links, etc.​
  • When publishers refer friends to join as publishers and earn money with Ola City, they will be rewarded with a 20% commission of all the newly publishers’ income.​
III. Become a Business Partner (*)

Ola City always strives to bring quality services to customers, businesses, advertisers as well as multiply the opportunity to bring more income for millions of publishers around the world. To accomplish this, we wish to cooperate with individuals and organizations that have trusted and understood the company's operating model, philosophy and business mission to become Business Partner. Since then together with Ola City to expand and reach billions of global customers.

The Business Partner Policy is expected to be launched in September 2021.

In conclusion

With a new business model, Ola City aims at a pure traditional business model, making it easy to develop and expand markets as well as create ideal opportunities for investment and business publishers.
Ola City Team
Ola City Global

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