How to check the validity of your TRN in Dubai


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When you are looking to travel to Dubai, one of the first steps you’ll need to take is going through the process of obtaining your TRN (Temporary Residence Visa). Once you receive your TRN, it’s very important that you keep it with you while you’re in Dubai and check its validity at least once per year. If your TRN expires, your visa will be revoked and you won’t be able to stay in Dubai anymore; this can lead to unexpected and extremely costly consequences if it happens.

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Step 1 - Visit the website

____ You need to visit their website (here) and enter your visa type, nationality, passport number and date of birth. You will receive a number from them, called visa reference number or TRN. Take note of it because you will need it for step 2. If you cannot find out any other info or don’t have a computer or internet access nearby then you should be able to get a copy by visiting one of their centers around Dubai.

Step 2 - Enter your passport details

Enter both your passport and Emirates ID details into our form below, including all information like: Passport Number, Date of Birth, Country of Issue and Nationality. Please make sure that you enter these details correctly as we need them to verify that you are who you say you are. To submit your request, we will use a digitally signed PDF document that is encrypted with SSL technology.

Step 3 - Verify if you have a valid licence

Take a photo of your licence and email it to [email protected] or take it personally to any Police Station or call 8009090 from Dubai and 901 from other Emirates. The authorities will send you an SMS within 24 hours confirming whether your driving licence is valid or not.

Step 4 - Print or save your document

Once you’ve finished writing, save it on your computer or print it out. You may want to write on paper and transfer those notes onto a computer for easy editing and publishing.

Step 5 - Put it on display in case of an inspection

When you have received your Emirates ID Card and/or TRN from ECA, you can apply for a new passport from an embassy or consulate of your country. When applying for a passport, keep copies of all documents you sent to get registered with ECA and attach them when applying for a passport. If a diplomatic mission or consulate asks why they cannot see your biometrics information on their database, inform them that it is confidential under UAE law. Also make sure that all copies are certified by a public notary.

Step 6 - Inform the company where you got it from if there are any issues with it

The UAE Communication Regulatory Authority (SCRA) has set strict guidelines and fines for anyone found using fake or invalid TRNs. If you discover that your TRN is not valid, call 0740-336-712 and inform Etisalat about it so they can issue a new one for you.

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