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Giving an excellent speech for academic or extracurricular activities is part of college life. The 4 (or 2) years of college teach you how to convey your perspective convincingly without offending the opposition. These skills come in handy when student starts their professional careers. You can take help from a professional writer to perfect your speech and learn these techniques.

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Persuasive speeches

This speech consists of brilliant writing and excellent delivery. When writing a persuasive speech, you have to choose a topic, pick a stance, and then provide evidence and examples to support your claims in favor of the stance. Your arguments can be based on your own personal opinion but you must use solid credible facts to back up these opinions. The ultimate goal of the speech is to convince the opposition and neutral audience that your stance is the stronger of the two.

Major components of persuasive speeches

The first few sentences of your speech need to hook the audience and make them curious. You can use rhetorical questions, quotes from a relevant personality, or a mind-boggling fact that makes the audience want to hear more about your perspective. If you have excellent delivery skills but don’t know what to write, you can hire a professional essay writer. You should tell them to write my essay outline within the given time". The speech should contain a hooking introduction, a credible body, and a thought-provoking conclusion.

How online services can make your speech better

  1. Boring start

The first few sentences can make or break your essay. They should be engaging and thought-provoking so that the audience listens to your speech. If you have submitted your boring speech to a paper writing service for correction, they may add a few facts from the body paragraphs at the beginning. They might also change the dull facts into interesting questions.

  1. Adding actions
After making the speech interesting, the service may integrate actions within the speech. To convey your stance convincingly, you need to take pauses in the right places. Other than that, your facial expressions and hand gestures matter a lot. The service will place these actions within the speech to provide the best effect on the audience.

  1. Re-writing

Sometimes your speech is beyond repair. In such a case, you can tell the service I need someone to write my essay while I practice delivery”. They will analyze the guidelines and prepare an excellent speech that checks all the right boxes. In the meantime, you can watch YouTube tutorial videos on speech delivering tips. When you get your speech from the writing service, integrate the skills with your speech.

  1. Opposition’s opinion

To make your speech super-convincing, it is wise to explain how the perspective of the opposition is weaker than your stance. You can include their major argument or your own greatest weakness, and then refute it to give the audience an impression that you are knowledgeable. If you have not included this, the writing service can include it for you. They can also correct your wording if you were unnecessarily harsh on the opposition.

  1. Proofreading

Let’s suppose you send your speech to the personal essay writer for proofreading. After making the speech interesting, they will check the whole document for errors. These services own strict grammar correcting software that can help with sentence structure, spelling, and grammatical mistakes. They will also send you a plagiarism report from credible software.


A persuasive speech needs to have the right content along with excellent delivery. You need to convince an audience that your stance is the best one. If you think that your writing skills may let you down, hire an EssayWriter.College to do your work for you. You should focus on delivery while your work is being done.