Announcement: Withdraw Ola Coin (OLA) From VNDC Wallet Pro


Dear Ola City members,

Recently, VNDC partner has taken actions to print out the number of virtual OLA (Ola Coin) (not created by Blockchain because VNDC is a centralized wallet) causing losses financially and in community trust. Therefore, from May 31, 2021, we have decided to terminate our cooperation with VNDC partner, and at the same time, notify members who are storing Ola Coin (OLA) at VNDC Wallet Pro to start withdrawing OLA from VNDC wallet before June 30, 2021 to ensure your assets.

Specific information is as follows:​
  • From May 31st, 2021: Ola City has officially terminated corporation and OLA listing at VNDC Wallet Pro.​
  • Starting from June 30th, 2021, Ola Coin deposit/withdrawal functions will not be available on VNDC Wallet Pro.​
  • Members please withdraw OLA from VNDC Wallet Pro as soon as possible before the On-chain deposit port is closed to preserve all your assets.​
  • Please note that you can withdraw OLA to other exchanges such as: 5ROI Global, Nami Exchange, Trust wallet.
Ola City is not responsible for problems arising if members do not comply with the above requirements and information.

We will continuously support and update the latest information to our members. We look forward to receiving your sincere comments to make Ola City more and more complete.

For any questions related to the above information, please send an email to [email protected] for the fastest support.

Sincerely thanks,

Ola City Global