A Guide to Make Money for Beginners on Ola City with Many Attractive Campaigns

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Making money online (making money online) also known as MMO (Make Money Online) is a form of making money on the internet. That means with just a computer or phone with internet connection, you can make money, no matter where you are, be it at home, cafe or in a public place with wifi. Making money online 2021 is currently a trend that many young people are interested in and learn about. The ultimate goal is to create a source of passive income for yourself.

But how to make money effectively? Come to Ola City, you will generate passive income even when you sleep. Please read carefully the article below, because Ola City will guide you on ways to make money with high efficiency!

I. What is Ola City?

Ola City is an advertising platform based on performance (Performance Marketing Platform) that helps businesses easily bring products and services to billions of users around the world with the most cost savings and the highest efficiency. At Ola City, businesses only pay for advertising costs when they achieve the desired results in accordance with the initial goals and plans. Ola City is also a platform to help individuals and organizations build a business system within the online advertising field by using the simplest and most effective way.

With the advantages of building an advertising platform based on social community development, Ola City easily brings benefits to businesses such as creating a loyal customer community, expanding the multinational business scale, reducing financial risks,...​

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Ola City - Performance Marketing based advertising platform.​

II. How to register an Ola City account

Steps to create a free account:

Step 1:
Visit https://olacity.com and click on Free Sign Up.

Step 2: Fill in the basic information as shown below.

  • Last name: Enter your last name.
  • First Name: Enter your first name.
  • Email: Enter emails that you use regularly. This email is the email used to login.
  • Country: Select the country you are in.
  • Referral code: Referral ID of the Ola City member that referred you (If any).
  • Referrer: Name of the Ola City member introduced to you (If any).
  • Password: Enter a password you created yourself.
  • Confirm password: Re-enter the password you just created.
After the steps above, click reCAPTCHA (I'm not a robot) and click Register.

Step 3: Go to your email, and click on the confirmation link to complete the registration process.

III. How to make money with Ola City?

Once the account registration process is completed you will be able to log into the Ola City Dashboard page. This is a place to statistic indicators of commissions that you are entitled to. So how can you make money with Ola City?​

1. Campaigns with attractive commissions

Step 1: To get started, you go to the Make money section, where extremely attractive campaigns will be displayed. You can choose the missions that suit you or recommend these missions to your friends and relatives to receive attractive commission rates. Specificly: View ads, Shorten links, ...​

In addition, you can also easily find more attractive campaigns under Other Missions section.

Step 2: To implement these campaigns, click View to read the campaign's content as well as the task process.

Step 3: Choose to do it yourself or share the link with your friends or relatives.

2. Extremely hot cashback programs

Moreover, Ola City also offers members excellent cashback programs with a high percentage through shopping and trading on e-commerce platform. Through that, it creates conditions for members of the Ola City community to have the opportunity to shop freely, without worrying about prices.​

3. Group income system up to 7 levels

Joining Ola City, besides personal income, you also receive an additional 3% of the total income of all members in your 7-level system. Because of that, teamwork will bring you effective income with high performance.


You can see that making money online with Ola City is also quite simple, right? Quickly register yourself a free account, find yourself passionate teammates to build a very strong team system together!

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